Social networking sites such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and blogs have destroyed communication between friends and family. Do you agree? Elobrate. at Tampin

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Indomitable: The Kids of Sarajevo


Children of Sarajevo Seige
Sarajevo Siege Life, Winter of 1992-1993.
“The children’s spontaneous joy in a fresh snowfall contrasts with the anxiety on the faces of the adults walking behind.”
–Christian Maréchal, Photographer

Isn’t it amazing how a photo can rivet your attention? This powerful image by Christian Maréchal captured a life-affirming moment in Sarajevo’s history. Our immediate thought was, How many of these kids survived?

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Dear ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Haters,


You’re wrong.

My dad died two years ago from complications related to ALS, and I’m here to tell you that the Ice Bucket challenge is not “stupid.” It is not “worthless” or “annoying” or “retarded.” You are just ignorant.

(A reminder that ignorance is not the same as stupidity, and that ignorance can be cured. Here is your cure.)

Many people complain that dumping a bucket of ice over your head won’t solve anything. It’s simply a fad, it’s clogging up news feeds, it’s not doing anything for the actual cause. The term “slacktivism” has been thrown around, implying that these people are akin to those who “Like” causes on Facebook from the comfort of their own home without so much as getting off the couch. I understand the accusation. But ultimately, it is false.

Here’s why.

1. Watching people dump ice over their heads and seeing their resultant expressions…

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The end

The End

A man at a protest holds a sign expressing his solidarity – and commonality – with Mike Brown.


Mike Brown is dead.

Mike Brown was shot to death.

Mike Brown was 18 years old. Black. Unarmed.

Mike Brown was gunned down in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day.

By a cop.

In Ferguson, Missouri.

In the United States of America.

Ferguson, Missouri is a suburb of St Louis. Its population is 70% black.

Its mayor is white. School board is white. City council is white (except for one black member). And the Ferguson Police Department is 94% white, with only 3 black police officers.

Mike Brown was shot six times by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Four times in the arm, twice in the head.

His crime was jaywalking.

Later it was suggested by the Ferguson Police Dept that he may…

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